Holywell Planter

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Project Description

Holywell Planter Set of 3

The Holywell Planter Set of 3 includes three sized planters in small, medium and large. Pre-built for your convenience, the planters require no assembly on your behalf. You can keep your flowers and plants looking fresh with the elevated height as this limits the number of weeds and pests affecting your planters.

Although strong and durable, they are easy to move around the garden helping you to create a dynamic arrangement.

The Holywell Planters can be purchased as part of a set or individually.

Plants are for illustrative purposes only

Product Features

  • Pressure Treated

  • Ready Assembled

Product Code
Set: 00431
Small: 00613
Medium: 00493
Large: 00443

Sizes (W x D x H)
Set: Varied depending on layout
Small: 0.33m x 0.33m x 0.38m
Medium: 0.47m x 0.47m x 0.52m
Large: 0.60m x 0.60m x 0.65m

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