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Project Description

Grosvenor Planter Set

The Grosvenor Planter Set includes three planters, a small, medium and large. Each planter is pre built for your convenience and requires no assembly on your behalf. The elevated height of these planters also reduces the amount of weeds and pests in them.

Simply arrange these charming, yet durable planters around your garden and fill them with the flowers and plants you love the most.

Plants are for illustrative purposes only

Product Features

  • Pressure Treated

  • Ready Assembled

Product Code
Set: 15213

Sizes (W x D x H)
Small: 0.23m x 0.23m x 0.49m
Medium: 0.34m x 0.34m x 0.59m
Large: 0.54m x 0.54m x 0.67m

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