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As a business, we understand that our products and services have a direct impact on the environment. We have policies in place to support our commitment to looking after the planet.

We’re FSC® Certified

FSC LogoWe are proud to hold an FSC® accreditation. This recognised symbol shows our lifelong commitment to using suitable materials from responsible FSC® forests. Additionally, we can also track a product’s chain of custody which helps us to monitor each stage of the manufacturing.

Look out for FSC® Certified products. They will be on our website, marketing materials and our products. This logo gives our customers the confidence that they are purchasing products from forests that will be alive for many years to come.

Limiting Timber Waste

Our warehouses always ensure that the amount of waste wood we send to landfill is at 0%. We consistently achieve this target because we reuse or recycle wherever we can.

Where else do we help the environment?

We don’t just limit our policies to our products, we also make sure our business processes are kind to the environment too. Here are just some of the things we do:

  • We reuse rainwater, where possible
  • Our four biomass boilers burn timber waste for heating and hot water
  • For electricity, we’ve installed 30kW solar panel systems
  • Our offices recycle wherever they can
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